While nothing beats the experience of a skilled and experienced orthopaedic surgeon, Mako™ robotic-assisted joint replacement is adding a new level of accuracy. At L&W Orthopaedics, Dr. Diane S. Litke combines her knowledge with advanced software and precision instruments to provide her patients visiting from Richardson, Garland, Wylie, Plano or the North Dallas, Texas area with a powerful one-two punch. To learn more about how robotic-assisted joint replacement can help you, call or book an appointment online.

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What is robotic-assisted joint replacement?

The Mako robotic-assisted joint replacement technology is more than just a surgical aid. If you need to have a joint replaced, the Mako technology starts by providing Dr. Litke with a preoperative plan. Using a CT scan, the Mako system creates a 3D model of your joint. This model is then loaded into specialized software that generates a patient-specific plan for your joint replacement.

This level of preplanning and accuracy allows Dr. Litke to pinpoint your issue and perform only what’s necessary during your replacement.

During the procedure itself, a robotic arm assists Dr. Litke in:

  • Preparing your bone for the implant
  • Removing damaged bone
  • Assuring the accuracy of the implant placement
  • Assuring alignment of the implant

Because of the detailed imaging beforehand, Dr. Litke is able to work within a predefined area, removing only damaged bone and cartilage while preserving healthier bone and tissue. This process cuts down on excessive collateral damage to the surrounding area.

When is robotic-assisted joint replacement used?

Dr. Litke turns to Mako robotic-assisted joint replacement for total replacement of hips or knees.

For shoulder replacements or partial replacements, Dr. Litke relies on her extensive experience as a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon.

Is the “robot” doing all of the work?

One of the greatest advantages of robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery is that it gives Dr. Litke a detailed and individualized plan of attack on a level that wasn’t previously available. This is largely due to the advanced software and imaging.

Similarly, during your procedure, the guided robotic arm enables Dr. Litke to work more accurately in smaller areas. However, Dr. Litke ultimately uses her own years of experience to determine whether adjustments need to be made.

For example, if she sees a problem that was previously undetected, or there’s an issue with the implant, Dr. Litke is able to guide the arm in a different direction to ensure that your joint replacement is successful.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of robotic-assisted joint replacement, call L&W Orthopaedics, or use theonline booking tool to schedule a consultation.