about our general medicine practice  Richardson, TX
L&W Orthopaedics offers the perfect combination of human expertise and technological innovation at its practice in Richardson, Texas. Staffed by board-certified orthopaedic surgeons, Dr. Diane S. Litke and Dr. John T. Wey, L&W Orthopaedics provides solutions for most orthopaedic problems involving the hip, knee, shoulder, foot, and ankle.

Dr. Litke provides a wide range of general orthopaedic and sports medicine services in addition to specializing in joint replacement, specifically knees, shoulders, and hips, and uses cutting-edge technology to help her restore function to severely damaged joints. The Mako™ system’s technology allows Dr. Litke to combine advanced 3D imaging with specialized software to come up with individualized preoperative plans for each patient. During her procedures, a robotic arm aids her in removing diseased bone and cartilage, preserving healthy bone, and ensuring accurate placement of joint implants.

As the foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Wey treats everything from sports injuries to chronic foot pain problems. Dr. Wey understands the complexities of the foot and ankle and works toward finding solutions that relieve pain and meet the demands that are placed on these areas.

Dr. Litke and Dr. Wey also treat patients at Methodist Richardson Medical Center where patients visiting from Richardson, Garland, Wylie, Plano, and the North Dallas area can receive expert care from the team at L&W Orthpaedics.